Top 7 disruptors of the year 2021 for investment banking


Predicting who, or what will become the next disruptor for the global investment banking market is a really tough task. In fact, had we known most of the below-listed cases before, we’d be currently in a much better condition (with avoiding Covid-19 for example). The last months proved that disruption may come in all sizes and shapes. As some trends, a life-taking virus, or a group of social media users.

These disruptions, should we use the academic definitions, are preventing something (a system, event, or a process) from continuing as expected or in a usual way. And there hasn’t been a greater disruptor than the pandemic, no matter the type of definition. We have only recently entered the second year of lockdowns, worries, and global drama.

Some of the disruptors visible below could be avoided but were underestimated. Some were missed, and some have hit us straight in the faces out of nowhere. There is no universal formula, and the world is full of surprises. Let’s see, who (or what) has been chosen by Disruption Banking, as the most influential disruptor of 2021. The order is by the significance the disruptor had globally (and it’s rather obvious, who won).

Top 7 disruptors of the year 2021 (so far)

1. Vaccine rollout, and (still) Covid-19 pandemic

2. Environmental, Social and Social Governance (ESGs) and Sustainable Development Goals

3. The Wallstreetbets

4. Bitcoin’s crazy journey

5. Brexit and its consequences for the City of London

6. Lex Greensill saga

7. Archegos and Bill Hwang

Should you want to read the stories and brief explanations of the above choices for the list, please feel free to use the following link, and get to know the fascinating Andy Samu’s take on the matters. The piece was published by Disruption Banking, and it contains the full thought process behind preparing the ranking, as well as gives contexts to all 7 of the disruptors if you’re unfamiliar with them: