UiPath’s IPO and what’s so different about this tech firm?


Since the Star Wars franchise first presented us with their concept of robot in 1977, things have changed a lot. Back then it was just a concept, and futuristic dream, but currently we may be closer than we think to having our own C3POs at home. Just a few years back, Saudi Arabia made Sophia the robot, their legal citizen, and according to some (UiPath for example), the future where everybody has their own robot is close.

UiPath is a tech company founded in 2007 in Romania, even before the country joined the EU structures. The founders started to outsource their software and automation libraries to different companies. Some of the biggest players on the market became their clients.

The rapid success led UiPath to major achievements, and the latest one, 14 years after the start of the company, being the debut on the Stock Exchange of New York.

What’s the mission of UiPath?

The company’s CEO, and co-founder, Daniel Dines has recently expressed, that the company aims to accelerate the achievements of humanity. Its sole purpose is the development, and continuity of ideas.

In 2017, they claimed that they are working towards the future, where everybody has their own robot. This idea is similar to Paul Allen and Bill Gates’ one, where the gentlemen wanted a “computer on every desk”. So if Microsoft succeeded with its goals, why UiPath shouldn’t believe in the success?

Among UiPath’s clients, you can find Google. The tech giants have recently focused more on developing their Cloud, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence services. The companies are currently fusing the AI with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which is supposed to accelerate future works.

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