Cathie Wood - who is she, and why is she disrupting Wall Street?


In recent years, Cathie Wood’s persona became really infamous among Wall Street elites. Why? She seems to be rather open about the strategies of investment that she’s undertaking via her YouTube channel and a bunch of other social media platforms. Her company Ark Invest is gathering more and more fans, also because of their ambitious policy, which gives the stage to the modern technological innovators.

Wood’s success is resented by a lot of already established companies. Her strategy is to develop a market of cash-burning and exponentially growing tech companies. Whether you agree with her, or not, nobody can deny her impressive success. Her Ark Invest’s ETFs (all five of them) have grown by over 100% in 2020.

Who is Cathie Wood, exactly?

It’s not a piece of common knowledge, but Wood had a really successful career in New York even before she started Ark. In fact, she has worked for Jennison Associates for 18 years and left the job in 2001. After that, she became Global Thematic Strategies Chief Investment Officer of AllianceBernstein.

While working there, she first pitched her idea of an ETF based on this disruptive and rapid innovation. As she was criticized after the 2008 crisis, her idea went unnoticed, until in 2014 she left her position and started her own company - Ark Invest.

Ark Invest’s innovations

The company’s Client Portfolio Manager, Reg Leggi, notices three characteristics that define Ark as innovative. First, it’s the approach that allows them to be implemented in different sectors (electric vehicles for instance). Second, the steep decline of production costs (the more popular it gets, the cheaper the manufacturing). Third, the approach allowing the company to become a platform for future (yet unknown and unplanned) developments and innovations.

To find out more about the company’s and Wood’s approach, and to read a comprehensive Harry Clynch’s analysis of it, use the following link: